With tickets in hand and dreams beyond the clouds, people all over the country will wait anxiously tonight to see if the Powerball drawing for $1.5 billion can help turn their aspirations into reality. Match a few numbers, and you can set yourself up for life.

It’s an interesting backdrop as we contemplate the essence of executive search. An executive recruiter searches high and low, sometimes through what feels like 1.5 billion potential matches for their client’s open position. Unlike the lottery, many contestants for the role may not even know they are playing until an eager recruiter gives them a call. But much like a Powerball drawing, if you find a match, you can find unyielding and long-lasting success for many years to come.

The key lies in the match itself. In the lottery, the match is what shows that you were “chosen” by luck, fate, or whatever you choose to call it. In executive search, however, the match is the result of long and arduous work from many stakeholders. Clients consult with their recruiting partners, who disseminate job descriptions, explain and discuss company culture, and begin to brainstorm potential sources from which the “winner” can be drawn. It’s a numbers game all the same.

But the difference here is that it isn’t about luck.

It’s about scouring databases and job boards and websites full of résumés, CV’s, and profiles with awkwardly cropped photos.

It’s about being diligent, persistent, and attentive to the needs of both the client and the potential candidate.

Much like the lottery, if you don’t find a match one day, there’s going to be another chance to find it soon.

That match is what drives value in executive recruiting.

Finding an agency that is dedicated to going to incredible lengths to find a match that goes well beyond simple lists of accomplishments and experiences is better than hitting the lottery. Finding a match between candidate and client going to a deeper level is the beginning of a long, sustainable stream of continued success.

Some would say that it’s better to be lucky than good. But when you’re playing in the arena of executive recruitment, wouldn’t you rather have something stronger than luck working for you? Effective recruiters manufacture the match, increase your odds of winning, and guarantee your windfall.

Bet big on the right search firm; you’ll hit the jackpot.

Josh Kohler – Talent Acquisition Specialist