Talent, experience and entrepreneurial spirit welcome.

You’re looking for more than the next rung on the career ladder. You have high standards for business success – and so do our clients. We have access to top Big Data Analytics jobs, Life Sciences Careers, SAP career opportunities, and much more. If you are a game-changing professional with vision and an ability to execute, we can connect you with opportunities to make a significant impact with industry-leading employers nationwide.

Why DES Recruitment?

  • Industry expertise
  • Access to in-demand companies
  • High rate of long-term success
  • Confidential search
  • Unadvertised opportunities

Our Process:

  • First level phone interview
  • Second level phone interview
  • Face-to-face interview
  • Profile presented to potential employer
  • Employer interview
  • Interview feedback
  • Presentation and negotiation of offer

If you’re looking to start a new career, whether it’s a Big Data Analytics job, or a Life Sciences or SAP career, DES Recruitment can help you get there.

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